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News Articles from March 2020

30 March 2020

  • Greetings from the priests of the Huntstown, Mountivew & Blakstown.
    I trust you are all keeping well and invoke the protection of Our Lord on you and your family these challenging days.
    In view of the restrictions imposed by the Government, we are unable to hold any public worship in our local churches. We do not know how long it will take us to go back to kind of life we used to cherish.
    In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating the most important feast of our faith, Easter. It is unlikely that we will be able to gather in our churches for various celebrations of the Holy Week. In order to remain connected with the local parish and faith community, we have a church webcam from St. Philip’s Church, Mountivew which can be viewed via The site gives daily updates and live mass: Monday to Friday 9.15am &; Saturday 10am & Sunday 10.30am.  All other times we have the exposition of the Eucharist going live. Again we also have a parish WhatsApp Broadcast group and if you wish to be part of it please send a WhatsApp message to 0892174317 requesting you to be added to it. Your privacy will not be compromised.
    Again, all the celebrations of the our Sacraments are postponed to a later date. We will be in touch with you to update any possible dates 
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers very much. Please share the parish website and WhatsApp broadcast group number with your friends n family.
    All the priests of the parish are always at your service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if u require any help.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones in these days.
    With prayerful wishes
    Fr. Binoy Mathew svd

30 March 2020


26 March 2020

  • Book collections that the teachers organised for the children have been cancelled for today. Apologies for the short notice and all parents/guardians should have received a message on ALADDIN CONNECT last night. We are continuing to work on a solution. Below is a copy of the ALADDIN CONNECT  message.
  • Dear parents,

    Apologies for the late notice,  but we are unable to go ahead with the collection of books by parents as planned.

    The DES have issued a further letter to schools regarding COVID 19, please see extract below.

    As you will have heard there has been a further announcement by the Taoiseach that, in line with public health advice, schools will remain closed until 19 April.

    In addition to maintaining ongoing engagement with students, one really important message you can assist with, is to convey to students, the absolute need to practice social and physical distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include advice to avoid meeting up and in all circumstances to adhere to HSE guidelines. As part of your school community, parents and guardians should also be urged to support their children to maintain the restrictions on congregating for the safety of all in their community.

    In order to support you in getting this important public health message across to your school communities information notices (in 17 different languages) are available here

    Teachers have sent links for suggested indoor activities, but if you have to be outdoors remind your children that two metres is about the length of the bed and that is how far they need to be away from others (social distancing) to keep everyone safe.

    Keep washing the hands.

    I hope that everyone is keeping well and safe at home, thinking of you and all your children. 

    P Morley

  • Indoor physical activites can be found on and

19 March 2020

  • Please be aware that folens have made their books available online. All you need to do is register as a teacher and use the special code below as a roll number - Prim20.  CJFallon have also done the same -  Many of our textbooks used in school are from these two companies.
  • Here are some more useful links that you can try at home
  • (learn a little gaeilge!)
  • (official education portal of the Dept. of Education. Curriculum focused resources)
  • & ( free access to parents and pupils to school ebooks and online resources)
  •  (maths - videos with explanation)
  • On FACEBOOK you can also check "Cool Apps for School" and "Magic Múintoeir" . 

19 March 2020

13 March 2020

  • Please see the following links to help with your child's schoolwork over the coming weeks. We hope that parents and guardians will encourage children to engage with these useful websites. All children have already been given work to do by their teachers. 
  • this webiste has plenty of fun interactive maths games for addition, subtraction,multiplication and division. Many of the children will be familiar with this website already. Great for revision of tables!
  • this is an ebook library system with over 250 ebooks with vocabulary and comprehension activities for most books.
  • children will also be familiar with this website. Dancing and songs!
  • and online encyclopedias and research websites. Some teachers have asked children to complete a small projecct over the two weeks and these two websites are excellent for same. Some children will be familiar with these two websites.
  • a useful website for sight words and phonics
  • some irish online activities.
  • (Code: IRLTWINKLHELPS) many different acitivites covering the curriculum. Printer needed for some but children could answer worksheets in subject areas on a page/in their copy.
  • for those children who attend learning support in maths
  • Artforkidshub (fun step by stepactivities)  and Cosmickids (yoga & mindfulness for kids) also mathsantics (for explaining the trickier concepts in maths.) 
  • ** Don't forget you can also read to your children, do some baking, get them to carry out some simple chores around the house! 3rd class pupils have their seeds to look after also, hopefully lots of plants and flowers in the future! ** Please mind yourselves and stay well. We will continue to update via ALADDIN CONNECT and here on the website.

13 March 2020


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