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Ms. Byrnes's Class

Our class has been especially busy lately. While we are continuing to work hard in all subjects we are also enjoying some time outdoors in the astro. We are enjoying GAA at the moment with our coach Hayden Moore.

We are enjoying out novel 'Matilda' and are planning on watching the film when the book is finished. We are working through a booklet completing some work on extra questions and vocabulary.

As usual all children are still improving their maths skills with our mathswhizz program. There is a prize on Fridays for the child who worked on this at home as well as in school. So far, Aikaterini, Sam, Nael, Yassin and Hanna have received this award. In maths we are learning about fractions and time.

This class really enjoy and are very talented in art. We have created mosaic work, spider webs and lenticular pages, aquarium and alien name art.

We are beginning to work on our science project on an animal of choice. I look forward to posting these photos.

We finished estimating and testing food for acid using a pH scale.

For the next few weeks we will be concentrating on improving cursive writing.

Students of the week so far have been Sywester, Harry, Viktoria, Zoilo, Yassin, Hanna, Arijus, Aikaterini, Callum, Aria, Nael, Ajdin, Sam, Isabella, Cole and Nursaid.

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