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Ms Marron's Class

Welcome to our class page!! 


We have been super busy here in the 5th class block learning all about Forensic Science. We are trying to solve the mystery of the stolen trophy. So far, we have learned how to take fingerprints and examine them for specific patterns, we have tested markers using a method called chromotography and we have looked at suspect profiles. Every piece of evidence brings us one step closer to finding out WHO STOLE THE TROPHY!!!! 


We are super excited for Christmas to come and we have been keeping on our best behaviour - we are hoping to get a visit from an Elf on the Shelf, but our teacher is afraid it may be mischevious and make a mess in our classroom! 


Keep checking back here for pictures and fun updates on what we are getting up to in class! 

L. Marron Term 1

Our Class!
Our Class!
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Our Class!
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