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Ms. Reardon's Class

Welcome back to Ms Reardon's 6th Class!


We can't believe almost ten months of 6th class have passed, and our time in primary school is coming to an end. 🎓


Despite the good weather and the excitement for our school tour to Emerald Park, our hard work hasn't stopped! 📚


We are busy learning all about World War 2, and our regular table quizes are helping us remember key facts 😎


Our 8-week course with the lovely Eddie has come to an end, and we've learned some much about Climate Change and how to be good, conscious and fair to our environment🌳


We had loads of fun during Sports Day and have had a bit of extra football, thanks to the good weather! ⚽


We're really looking forward to Graduation where we will say our goodbyes & see you laters!


We've made some amazing memories together, here's some photographic evidence!  



Ms Reardon 6th Class 2023-2024

Group Pic
Group Pic
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Group Pic
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